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Responsible growth

Here at EntoCube, we develop technology for rearing edible insects. The food industry is utilising growing amounts of edible insects and implementing them into our food system as a sustainable optionEntoCube is a Finnish pioneer that develops industry leading solutions for the farming of edible insects.

Insects are the choice of the future and EntoCube spearheads the advance, join the journey!


Rearing crickets

Day by day the food industry is utilising growing numbers of edible insects. The time to join the edible insect industry is now, as the European market is expected to grow rapidly during the upcoming years. We want to help you succeed in the farming, sales and usage of edible insects. We will also support you in implementing insects as a food ingredient in industrial manufacturing processes.


Our quality cricket products

EntoCube cricket products are made solely from responsibly reared crickets originating from the EntoCube farming network. We value farming practices where our crickets are treated with good careThe end products are laboratory tested regularly and our products are processed with competent hands. EntoCube crickets have the Finnish “Made in Finland” and “Of Finnish Origin” certificates.

Samu frozen house crickets

Samu’s frozen crickets have been heat-treated before final packaging and freezing.
This makes them an excellentdiverse and safe ingredient for filling dishes. 

Starting from 30€/kg
VAT 0%

Samu roasted house crickets

Samu roasted crickets are crunchy and nutty. They have a beautiful rich flavour and they are excellent whole in salads or can be mixed in as cricket powder in a wide variety of dishes. 

Starting from 100€/kg
VAT 0%

Samu house cricket powder

Samu cricket powder has been refined from roasted Samu crickets. Our cricket powder has a mild, delicate taste. It adds nutritional value, texture and excitement to any dish.

Starting from 100€/kg
VAT 0%


See also our retail products at samufoods.com


“Nasa kiinnostui suomalaisesta sirkka­farmista – ”Kasvatus­tiloja kehitetään sillä silmällä, että ne soveltuvat Mars-lennoille””

“The global market for edible insects may almost triple over the next five years to $1.18 billion, according to Meticulous Research, a Pune, India-based researcher.”

“Kotimaiset sirkat viedään nyt käsistä.”

Wish to hear more?

Our team has a decade of combined experience from the edible insect industry. Ask and we will answer!

– Jaakko, CEO/EntoCube