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The utilisation of food insects in the food industry is growing. The time to join the edible insect industry is now, as the European market is expected to grow rapidly during the upcoming years. We want to help you be successful in the farming, sales and usage of edible insects. We will also support you in implementing insects as food ingredient in industrial manufacturing processes.

1. Incubation
The journey of an EntoCube cricket starts from an incubation chamber. An optimised micro-climate maintains steady temperature and humidity levels during the 10-day incubation period. After the eggs hatch, the baby crickets – called pinheads – fall into a collection chamber, from which they are measured into new rearing containers.
2. Rearing
The crickets live in the rearing containers for approximately 4 weeks. Their rearing habitat is constructed from a cardboard based rearing matrix, e.g. basic egg cartons, but other solutions exist too. During the rearing the crickets are provided with grain based EntoCube cricket feed and drinking water. EntoCube automated feeding and watering solutions are designed to be safe for the crickets and assure continuous access to the feed and water sources.
3. Harvest
The crickets are reared to harvest age, which is usually also their maturation age. They are collected from their rearing habitats with EntoCube harvest devices and terminated by freezing. A cold environment causes the crickets to slow down into hibernation after which their vital functions finally cease. Frozen crickets can then be transported to a processing facility.
4. Processing
Crickets can be processed in several ways, one of which is rinsing, boiling, and drying. Frozen, heat treated crickets are an excellent ingredient for example as eye-catching restaurant dishes or further roasted for snacks. Dried crickets can be further processed to a dry powder that can have many industrial scale uses.

Food safety

Microbiological testing from cricket samples is conducted regularly from EntoCube cricket farms to ensure food safety and quality. All CEQ (Certified EntoCube Quality) labeled cricket products originate from certified EntoCube farms using EntoCube farming technology that fulfills our quality standards.

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EntoCube farming devices and equipment 

EntoCube cricket farming solutions ensure the well-being and quality of your crickets and decrease the amount of manual labour of your daily farming tasks.

EntoCube cricket feed

The certified cricket feed from EntoCube has optimised micronutrients for house crickets. Our grain-based feed is soy-free and consists of 89% Finnish ingredients.

EntoCube FeedX

The EntoCube FeedX provides access to feed for the crickets. The device ensures proper flow rate of feed and when filled, prevents crickets from entering inside the feeder.

EntoFlo drinking device

The EntoFlo watering device provides clean drinking water for the crickets. The device is suitable for crickets of all ages and does not require cleaning during the rearing cycle. Estimated workload per rearing cycle: 4 min

Harvest device

Our solution allows you to simply pour or shake the contents of EntoCube rearing container into the separator device. This will ensure a clean product with minimal labour.

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